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About Rebecca

Born and raised in Vancouver, I am married and am a new(ish) mom of a little boy, who sleeps through the night! I met my Italian husband in a hostel in Portugal, moved to Italy, and the rest is history. I love Vancouver and am fortunate to split my time between there and Italy.

Before becoming a mom, I partnered my Communications degree with my passion for people and worked in customer relations for many years. Becoming a mom lit a new desire in me, which was coupled with anxiety surrounding the unknown of everything about motherhood.

For me, the majority of my stress stemmed from my baby’s sleep and navigating that. I was so worried about everything I was reading online about the damages of the lack of sleep for my baby and found it crippling. Feeling completely overwhelmed, I started learning about baby’s sleep and found it all fascinating.

I decided to take the leap into becoming a certified Gentle Sleep Consultant so I could continue growing in this newly founded passion and continue to help families.

Why Work With
Sweet Bean Sleep

Sweet Bean Sleep was born out of new mom exhaustion and the genuine desire to help families who are experiencing sleep deprivation. The name Sweet Bean Sleep was chosen because the little nickname we gave our son is sweet bean.

When my son was born, the lack of sleep and mental exhaustion knocked me off my feet. I was in your place, exhausted both physically and mentally, wishing that my little sweet bean would just sleep through the night (I would have even taken longer stretches). He was up every two hours and I was desperate. I didn’t know what was “normal” or when the sleepless nights would end. Was this just a rite of passage for a new parent?

I delved deep into infant sleep, and am now a Gentle Sleep Consultant. I am passionate about helping families reach their sleep goals! Getting my sleep back was a gift and I want to show parents that, they too, can sleep again.

About Sweet Bean Sleep

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, I focus on the relationship and bond between parent and child and while there is no guarantee that there will be no tears, I use a no cry-it-out method and I honor the attachment parents have with their babies. 

Sweet Bean Sleep is a non-cry-it-out method that focuses on attachment. There is no one size fits all method for babies and I am here to help curate a plan that works for your family. When the baby sleeps well, everyone sleeps well! I highly encourage every member of the family to attend the consultation call because it really does take a village to help raise a baby - especially when a couple members of that village are sleep deprived. You know your baby best and I will work with you to form a sleeping plan you’re comfortable with and can follow through with!

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Choose your plan

You can take a look at our packages  and determine which one you would like to proceed with. Of course, you are able to ask me any questions or concerns that may pop up!

I will then send you a thorough history form to be filled out prior to the consultation session as well as a form entailing the service you'll be receiving.

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Using the link below, you can book your 60-90 minute consultation. In this call, we will go over your history form in more detail, go over your personalized sleeping plan, and answer any questions or concerns you have. Typically the sleep training starts the same night of the consultation call and then the 3-week plan begins that day as well. We will discuss the preferred follow-up method as well during this call.

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You’re getting excited and equally as nervous for your new baby. The arrival of your little one is a time of joy and can also be an anxious time as you try to get everything prepared for the incoming whirlwind. As your paediatric sleep consultant, I am here to help ease those nerves and explain what normal newborn sleep looks like. Every baby is different but I will talk you through what you can expect in the first months. I will virtually help you assess your living space and will answer any questions you have.
Teeny Bean Sleep
0-4 months
$250 (add $50 for twins)
Ahh, those first few months of parenthood - I remember those days! Whether it’s your first baby or your 4th, bringing your new arrival home is a very special time and, oh boy, do those new born babies need a lot of sleep! You’re right in the thick of it. These are those “sleepless nights,” the months everyone warns you about, and the weeks where you’ve probably asked yourself “will I ever sleep again?” First off, YES, yes you will! As your pediatric sleep consultant, my goal is to reduce the need for future sleep training. I believe in a hands-on approach, one that focuses on attachment and the bond between parent(s) and baby. This program, along with every program I offer, is breastfeeding friendly, as well as attachment-friendly. The support I offer is also developmentally appropriate. This training package isn’t for the baby, but aimed at the parents to help them understand their baby’s sleep and help their babies adapt to earth side sleep.
Little Bean Sleep
6 months - 18 months
$395 (add $50 for twins)
Is your baby having a really hard time being put down to sleep, waking multiple times throughout the night, having short naps, and those dreaded 5 am wakes? If you’re nodding you head to any or all of the above sleep issues, then this program is the one for you. I’m committed to helping your infant sleep without props and learn independent sleep, which will improve both day and nighttime sleep!
Big Bean Sleep
18 months - 6 years
$500 (add $50 for twins)
Your baby is now becoming a toddler/child and getting older every day! It’s exciting to watch them grow and start school, activities, etc. Maybe your coming to me because your child has never slept through the night or they used to sleep great but are now getting out of their bed every night and crawling into yours or are struggling with their sleep due to familial changes like a new baby or they’ve entered school/daycare. Whatever the reason, I am here to help get your child sleeping independently in their own beds by reinforcing sleeping boundaries!


Mariah & Jeremiah
Rebecca is truly AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about her and how much she has helped my family and I. We have two little ones, age 3 + 7 month, and our 7 month old was waking up multiple times during the night, had erratic naps + would wake up our 3 year old with his crying…it made for one tired household! I had tried everything on the internet, and then found Rebecca…and oh my goodness what a blessing it was! She worked with me to create a customized sleep plan for my little guy. She would check in DAILY which was wonderful from a support stand point and would trouble shoot any problems I was having instantly. She was attentive, understanding of circumstances and so encouraging. The best part? The plan worked! My little guy is sleeping through the night no problem now, naps like a champ, and our whole house is much more rested and content these days! Thank you Rebecca for restoring peace and rest to our household…we are so grateful!!! Would 100% recommend you to ANY family struggling with sleep—she’s simply the best
Jenelle & Jude
Rebecca was amazing helping us with our 8 month old’s sleep issues. What I really appreciated is she was able to adapt the approach for us. As second time parents with a child we successfully sleep trained alrwady in the books, we weren’t “new” to getting babies to sleep through. Our son though, was not responding to the usual tricks that worked for his older sister. After months of trying to get him to sleep through the night (he was waking up constantly to eat) and then dealing with early wake ups too, we were exhausted and in need of help. Rebecca was able to adjust the plan for us, as we were doing some of the steps already, and instead help us fine tune his sleep. She was responsive, communicative, clear and understanding. I love the way Rebecca talks about babies, it just makes you want to run and cuddle yours, plus gives you the confidence that you can get through this sleep hurdle. After only a day or two we saw improvements in our baby’s sleep, but also in his feeding which was a great benefit as well. After about a week he was sleeping much better and now we are sleeping through the night. The changes we made were practical and reasonable and she assisted us even through hurdles, like vaccines, sickness, travel and time changes. All of these could have derailed us, but with her help we navigated these challenges with ease. I can’t recommend Rebecca enough for your baby’s sleep! No matter where your baby is in the sleep process, or their age, I know she can help as she worked wonders for us!
Jackie & William
Rebecca not only has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to children and sleep, but she also was so eager to help us and find the best solution for getting our baby to sleep. She supported us in not wanting to do cry it out, and helped us make the most informed decision with moving forward!
Courtney and Stefan
Thanks to Rebecca, our daughter went from waking every hour to sleeping through the night. We also have a more predictable schedule with nap times. Her method / approach made us feel very comfortable during the process. We highly recommend her services.” - Courtney & Stefan

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