Our latest tips to help your baby
sleep better

0-4 Week Old Average Sleep & Schedule

For 9 months, your baby grew inside mom and was held and rocked to sleep 24/7. They are used to being warm and snuggled close up to another person so it’s normal that the adjustment to the bright, empty world can take some time! The first three months of your baby’s life (often called the 4th Trimester) can be especially difficult as you both adjust to a new way of living. What frequently happens is, during that time, in our effort to make sure baby doesn’t get overtired
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Daylight Savings and Your Baby’s Sleep

If you have a newborn or are expecting a newborn, you’ve probably heard people talking about swaddles and might be wondering what swaddling is and why you should swaddle a baby. Swaddling, or tightly wrapping your baby is a great way to help them make the transition from the womb to the world! Swaddling has been used for hundreds of years (it’s even mentioned in the Bible!) but benefits of swaddling have come back into prominence within the past 20 years as we’ve learned that laying your baby on their back to sleep is the safest place for them to be.
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5-8 Weeks Old Average Sleep & Schedule

At this point you may feel like you are finally coming up for air (and you also very well may not feel this way!). With my son, 8 weeks is when I finally felt some sort of routine forming and felt more comfortable leaving the house or attempting household chores/cooking a meal, etc. 8 weeks old is also when a more solid routine formed around his sleep, so let’s talk about what the average sleep looks like for babies between 5-8 weeks old. Please keep in mind this is an average and every baby is different (and can be wildly different at that).‍
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