About Rebecca

Born and raised in Vancouver, I am married and am a new(ish) mom of a little boy, who sleeps through the night! 
Sweet Bean Sleep was born out of new mom exhaustion and the genuine desire to help families who are experiencing sleep deprivation. The name Sweet Bean Sleep was chosen because I always call my son “sweet bean” and so there was no other name for me!

When my son was born, the lack of sleep and mental exhaustion knocked me off my feet. I was in your place, exhausted both physically and mentally, wishing that my little sweet bean would just sleep through the night (I would have even taken longer stretches). He was up every two hours and I was desperate. I didn’t know what was “normal” or when the sleepless nights would end. Was this just a rite of passage for a new parent? I delved deep into infant sleep, and am now a Gentle Sleep Consultant. I am passionate about helping families reach their sleep goals! Getting my sleep back was a gift and I want to show parents that, they too, can sleep again. Sweet Bean Sleep focuses on the relationship and bond between parent and child and I will never ask you to place your child in a room and leave them to cry. I will never ask you to not pick up your child or respond to them when they are upset. While there is no guarantee that there will be no tears, I use a no cry-it-out method and I honor the attachment parents have with their babies.